Release date:2018, March

Duration:01 h 30 m

Author:Stephen Pearson

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Learn all about the Soft Body Physics Simulation in Blender!

What Will I Learn?

The student will be able to use the soft body simulation efficiently. The student will know all the functions and settings in the soft body simulation. The student will have increased his/her skills in Blender


Some prior experience with Blender is very helpful.

This course is a little CPU intensive so some computers might have a hard time.

A 3 button mouse will make your life so much easier.

Description Do you find simulations to be hard to understand? Or have trouble learning them? Learning Blender simulations is quite daunting and can be very frustrating at times. That is why I created this course. In this course you will learn all about the soft body simulation in Blender! Basically, if you don’t know, the soft body simulation is a way to add physics to your objects. It allows you to create flags, clothing, cushions, bouncing balls, and about anything you can think of. We will be going into detail on each setting and how it all works. In the first couple sections we discuss the different options and values and how they effect the simulation.

After that we will be creating 3 different complete scenes using the soft body simulation. The first one is a soda can getting crushed. We will first start out by modeling the soda can adding a texture to it and then using the soft body simulation we will crush it.

The second tutorial will be on hair physics. We will go through and I will be showing you how to use the soft body simulation plus the particle system to simulate hair physics.

And finally the last section we will be creating Tetris in Blender. After modeling the pieces I will describe how to add the soft body simulation to each one and render it out.

If you are wanting to learn more about Blender’s Soft body Simulation or if you just want to improve your skills in Blender this course is for you!

I hope you are excited to jump into this course and create your own simulations!

Can’t wait to see what you create.

Who is the target audience?

Anyone who wants to improve their skills in Blender Anyone who wants to learn about the soft body simulation in Blender
Table of Contents

Introduction to Soft Body Physics 17:07

Introduction 01:17

Blender Basics 13:19

Render Engine 01:03

How Soft Body Works 01:28

Soft Body Settings 25:06

Soft Body 03:33

Baking Cache 04:32

Soft Body Goal 03:42

Soft Body Edges 03:39

Stiff Quads and Aerodynamics 03:46

Self Collision 03:32

Soft Body Solver 02:22

How well do you know the Soft Body Simulation? 4 questions

Soft Body Effectors 16:58

Collision Objects 04:00

Field Weights and Force Fields 03:08

Cloth Simulation + Soft Body Simulation 03:53

Interacting 2 Soft Bodies 02:30

Soft Body Following a Curve 03:27

Create Your Own Simulation 1 question

Crushing a Soda Can 14:34

Modeling the Can 04:24

Materials and Lighting 04:58

Crushing the Can 05:12

Soft Body Hair Physics 13:13

Simulating the Icosphere 03:50

Hair Simulating 04:25

Materials, Lighting and Rendering 04:58

Creating Tetris with the Soft Body Simulation 15:27

Modeling & Simulating the Pieces 09:14

Creating the Materials 04:33

Sequencing the Render 01:40

01 – Intro 02 – Blender Basics 03 – Blender Version and Render Engine 04 – How the Soft Body Works 05 – Soft Body Settings 06 – Baking Cache 07 – Soft Body Goal 08 – Soft Body Edges 09 – Stiff Quads and Aerodynamics 10 – Self Collision 11 – Soft Body Solver 12 – Collision Objects 13 – Force Fields and Field Weights 14 – Soft Body Simulation + Cloth Simulation 15 – Interacting 2 Soft Bodies 16 – Soft Body Following a Curve 17 – Can Getting Crushed P1 Modeling 18 – Can Getting Crushed P2 Texturing 19 – Can Getting Crushed P3 Simulating 20 – Hair Physics P1 The Particle System 21 – Hair Physics P2 Materials, Lighting, Rendering 22 – Hair Physics P3 The Simulation 23 – Creating Tetris P1 Modeling and Simulating 24 – Creating Tetris P2 Materials & Lighting 25 – Creating Tetris P3 Sequencing the Animation Blender Can Texture.png Soda Can Background Image.png

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