Release date:2018, July

Duration:02 h 39 m

Author:Gregory W.

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Not Provided

Description Affinity Designer is the new, affordable design software that can replace other overpriced Adobe design software.

In this course you will learn how the Affinity Designer user interface works, where all its features are, and learn about the dramatic improvements you’ll get versus Adobe software.

Ideal for graphic designers, web designers, and artists on a budget, Affinity Designer is an incredible useful tool and a great alternative to Adobe.

This course will teach you the various tools of this software through hands-on examples, as you learn to manipulate images, design logos and icons, create graphic illustrations, and much more.

By course’s end, you’ll have a good understand of using Affinity Designer where you’ll be ready to use it for your next project.

Who is the target audience?

Designers Anyone interested in learning Affinity Designer
Table of Contents

Introduction 03:51

Introduction 03:51

Basics 01:36:57

Getting started 07:59

Personas 08:37

Customization, order and arrange 03:56

Transforms 04:22

Align 05:30

Snapping 09:10

Operations 06:45

Draw persona 13:53

Pixel persona 10:03

Brushes and editing 10:28

Viewing and customizing guides and grids 07:03

Preferences 09:11

Studio Panel Basics 58:28

Studio panel 05:24

Layer types 06:37

Layer masking and ordering 08:41

Layer adjustments 13:13

Effects and styles 09:38

Color panel and swatches 08:56

Global colors and pantone 05:59

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