Release date:2018, July

Duration:08 h 10 m

Author: Widhi Muttaqien, S.Kom, MMSI

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

What Will I Learn?

Create different kind of vector illustration styles with ease Master the secrets and proven techniques of working with vector illustration in the real production environment Become a vector graphic professional and start making money using the skill learned from this course


No prerequisite. The basic level of this course is designed for complete beginners You a need Adobe Illustrator CC or at least CS6 version

Description Learn the advance skills you need to create any type of vector illustrations using Adobe Illustrator CC. Learn the core concepts and the secret techniques along with 14 hands-on projects covering almost every type of vector illustrations you can think of.

Never use Adobe Illustrator before? No worries! You can start from the basic level designed for complete beginners. Seasoned adobe Illustrator users can start jump into intermediate or advance level to leverage their vector illustration skill to the next level. You might be asking, why vector illustration? Vector illustration skill is the foundation of almost every applied graphic design. The skills you learn from this course will be super useful when you need to: create icons, design logos, create book or album covers, children book illustrations, comics, game artworks, mobile app UI (user interface), 2D puppet animation, etc.

If you join the course you’ll get lifetime access to more than 70 videos carefully organized to make sure you master the skills easily. Beside full access to video tutorials you’ll get PDF files of cheat-sheet and printable slides of important concept and notes through out the course. Last but not least you’ll get access to all of the project files (Adobe Illustrator cc format among other things). You have no risk on taking this course as it is backed-up with “100% money back guarantee” policy by Udemy. Enroll now and get all the benefits!

NOTE: I’ll be adding more advance topic videos in this course until around 85 videos total -in sha Allah-

Who is the target audience?

Beginners who never use Adobe Illustrator before and need the correct path to learn it Seasoned Adobe Illustrator users who want to take his/her skills to the next level Anyone who wants to master vector illustration fast production workflow
Table of Contents

Introduction 43:34

Introduction 04:34

Disclaimer and conventions 03:14

Download project files & cheat sheet 00:07

Vector vs. Raster 04:45

Navigation 05:47

Selection 06:22

Basic transformation 05:35

Working with colors 09:25

Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 Ul update 03:45

Basic: Creating shapes 01:07:13

Primitive shapes 05:35

Advanced primitive shape Preview 02:47

Duplicating objects 03:39

Anatomy of vector graphics 04:27

Custom shapes 07:06

Pen tool Preview 03:39

Advanced pen tool 04:58

pen tool exercise 04:35

Joining and cutting shapes 07:21

Rounding corners 03:15

Project: S letter logo 04:17

Project: Batman logo 06:27

Sketching 09:07

Basic: Shapes arrangement 43:07

Advance transformation 05:49

Distortion 06:36

Depth sorting and Layer 07:28

Grouping and hierarchy 04:28

Align and distribute 03:23

Snap, grid and Smart-Guides 06:23

Pixel grid 03:56

Project: Circular pattern artwork 05:04

Intermediate: Combining Shapes 51:17

Compound path 02:52

Project: Rocket icon 04:11

Pathfinder 03:27

Clipping mask 05:42

Project: car silhouette 05:26

Shape Builder and Shaper tool 04:00

Live Paint 06:52

Project: 3D screw 03:42

Project: dog house 07:22

Project: Clown fish 07:43

Intermediate : Stroke features 52:26

Basic properties 05:35

Managing stroke width 03:46

Art brush 09:54

Pattern brush 04:38

Other brushes 03:54

Expanding appearance 03:10

Project : Tree logo 03:27

Project : decorative ornaments 04:44

Line artwork strategy 05:12

Line artwork project 08:06

Intermediate : Appearance 36:34

The hierarchy of appearance 02:51

Blending modes 04:35

Compound Shape 05:40

Effects 04:40

Project : Flexible label 07:22

Project : Snake ladder board game 11:26

Advanced : Shading 01:07:35

Shading styles 04:11

Project : Flat icon 06:48

Project : Image-traced vector artwork 07:12

Project : Polygonal style illustration 12:31

Gradient 07:40

Project : Autodesk-like ribbon logo 06:28

Mesh tool 06:33

Blur effect shading 04:45

Project : Choco candy 11:27

Advanced: Drawing 3D objects 36:18

Methods of creating 3D 03:03

Isometric 11:43

Perspective grid 02:44

Blender: 3D modeling 07:33

Blender: 3D rendering 07:27

Extrude and Blend 03:48

Advanced : The final project 01:32:11

The illustration workflow 07:05

Sketching 09:22

Tracing and layering 11:18

Coloring 05:57

Local shading 11:00

Global shading 07:54

Highlights 09:08

Textures and details 11:40

Color correction and visual effects 11:34

Line artwork 07:13

01 Introduction 001 Introduction 002 Disclaimer and conventions 004 Vector vs. Raster 005 Navigation 006 Selection 007 Basic transformation 008 Working with colors 009 Adobe Illustrator CC E8 UI update 003 AI-Illustration-CheetSheet-E8-07.pdf

02 Basic Creating shapes 010 Primitive shapes 011 Advanced primitive shape 012 Duplicating objects 013 Anatomy of vector graphics 014 Custom shapes 015 Pen tool 016 Advanced pen tool 017 pen tool exercise 018 Joining and cutting shapes 019 Rounding corners 020 Project S letter logo 021 Project Batman logo 022 Sketching

03 Basic Shapes arrangement 023 Advance transformation 024 Distortion 025 Depth sorting and Layer 026 Grouping and hierarchy 027 Align and distribute 028 Snap grid and Smart-Guides 029 Pixel grid 030 Project Circular pattern artwork

04 Intermediate Combining shapes 031 Compound path 032 Project Rocket icon 033 Pathfinder 034 Clipping mask 035 Project car silhouette 036 Shape Builder and Shaper tool 037 Live Paint 038 Project 3D screw 039 Project dog house 040 Project Clown fish

05 Intermediate Stroke features 041 Basic properties 042 Managing stroke width 043 Art brush 044 Pattern brush 045 Other brushes 046 Expanding appearance 047 Project Tree logo 048 Project decorative ornaments 049 Line artwork strategy 050 Line artwork project

06 Intermediate Appearance 051 The hierarchy of appearance 052 Blending modes 053 Compound shape 054 Effects 055 Project Flexible label 056 Project Snake ladder board game

07 Advanced Shading 057 Shading styles 058 Project Flat icon 059 Project Image-traced vector artwork 060 Project Polygonal style illustration 061 Gradient 062 Project Autodesk-like ribbon logo 063 Mesh tool 064 Blur effect shading 065 Project Choco candy

08 Advanced Drawing 3D objects 066 Methods of creating 3D 067 Isometric 068 Perspective grid 069 Blender 3D modeling 070 Blender 3D rendering 071 Extrude and Blend

09 Advanced The final project 072 The illustration workflow 073 Sketching 074 Tracing and layering 075 Coloring 076 Local shading 077 Global shading 078 Highlights 079 Textures and details 080 Color correction and visual effects 081 Line artwork

Exercise Files

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