Release date:2018

Duration:15 h 03 m

Author:Morgan Williams

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Rigging is the unsung hero of Character Animation Character Animation takes a lot of know-how and practice no matter how you dp it. But if you’re working with 2D or 3D animation software, great character animation also takes something else: a well-built rig. A bad rig makes animation difficult, inefficient, and limits your range of movement. A good rig will give you a greater range of motion, but more importantly make the animation process easier and more intuitive allowing the animator to focus on the most important thing – the character’s performance.

Become a rigging MacGyver Rigging Academy is designed to teach you how to rig just about ANYTHING. There are some core principals at the heart of Rigging that you’ll learn which can be applied to humans, animals, aliens, robots, cartoon characters… just about any type of creature you can think up. Once you know the basics, the trick is to know how to handle edge cases… and that’s where this course really shines.

What will you learn in Rigging Academy?

Character Prep

Learn to prepare your artwork for rigging the right way so you can be animating in no time.

Options Galore

Puppet-pins or jointed limbs? How about hybrid joints? Heel-roll? Hip roll? You’ll learn ’em all.

Facial Rigging

Facial rigging can be complex, but we’ll break it down and show you how to pull off amazing facial rigs.

Rigging 101

What makes a good rig? How many controls do you need to build in? FK or IK? It depends.

DUIK Wizardry

Learn to use many of the functions in DUIK to automate tedious rigging tasks.

Advanced Concepts

What about 4-legged characters? Props? Level-swapping? You’ll be a rigging wizard at the end of Rigging Academy.

01 Orientation How this Course Works

02 Chapter 1 – Rigging the Rookies 01 Rigging 101 02 Expand Your Vocabulary.pdf 03 Install Duik 04 Useful Rigging Expressions.pdf 05 How to Use the Q&A Feature

03 Chapter 2 – Character Construction 01 Prepping Your Character 02 Character Design for Rigging 03 Importing into After Effects 04 Arms Cheat Sheet.pdf 04 Breaking Up Characters 05 Prepping Cheat Sheet.pdf Character Construction Exercise

04 Chapter 3 – Arms to Hold You 01 Arms to Hold You Part 1 02 Arms to Hold You Part 2 03 Diving Deep Into the Puppet Tool Arms to Hold You Exercise Arms to Hold You

05 Chapter 4 – Hand Grafting 01 Mechanical Hands 02 Replacement Hands 03 Hands Cheat Sheet.pdf Hand Crafting Exercise Hand Crafting

06 Chapter 5 – A Firm Footing 01 A Firm Footing Part 1 02 A Firm Footing Part 2 03 Legs and Feet Sheet.pdf A Firm Footing Exercise A Firm Footing

07 Chapter 6 – Core Training 01 Core Training Part 1 02 Core Training Part 2 03 Trosos and Heads Cheat Sheet.pdf Core Training Exercise Core Training

08 Chapter 7 – Face Time 01 Getting Mouthy 02 The Eyes Have It 03 Faces Cheat Sheet.pdf Face Time Exercise Face Time

09 Chapter 8 – Limbs Unlimited 01 Auxiliary Elbow and Knee Controls 02 Working with Props 03 Level Swapping 04 Checkbox Fun 05 Rotation Morphing 06 Limbs Unlimited Cheat Sheet.pdf Limbs Unlimited Exercise Limbs Unlimited

10 Chapter 9 – More Advanced Stuff 01 Running on All Fours 02 Quadruped Cheat Sheet.pdf 03 Faux 3D Faces Part 1 04 Faux 3D Faces Part 2 05 Rubber Hose Basics 06 The Final Countdown 07 Clean It Up.pdf 08 Other Rigging Options.pdf The Final Exercise The Final

11 Goodbye from Morgan See Ya Later!


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