Release date:2018, May 6

Duration:02 h 11 m

Author:Mikael Pettersen

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Crowds for Feature Film in Houdini is a fast-paced guide to Houdini’s Crowd system by Mikael Pettersen who currently works as a Lead Crowd Technical Director at MPC. In this course, you will learn how to import your own characters into the crowd system, set up loops and transitions for your animation clips, set up a simulation without any shelf tools, set up behaviours and triggers, shade and finally render your crowds. The course is also split up inshort chapters so you can, with ease, find exactly what you are looking for when revisiting the videos after your first playthrough.

After finishing the course, you will have a deep understanding of Houdini’s crowd framework and a solid foundation that you can keep building upon.

CGCircuit – Crowd for Feature Film_Part 1 01_Intro 02_Packed Primitives 03_Agent Primitives 04_Our First Agent 05_Importing and Writing Out Agents 06_Writing Out Animation Clips 07_Creating a Simulation 08_Using a Crowd Source 09_Clip Locomotion 10_Clip Properties and Foot 11_Terrain Projection 12_More Terrain Projection 13_Path Following 14_Import and Modify an FBX 15_Import Mocap 16_Foot Planting Revisited 17_Setting Up the Agent Prep 18_Setting Up the Layers 19_Adding Props 19_Clip Properties for the Warrior 20_Building the Warrior Layout 21_Orienting the Agent Along the Curve 22_Simulationa and Fixing the Orientation 23_Speeding up the Terrain Projection 24_Following a Curve and Avoiding Obstacles 25_Clip Alias 26_Simple Transitions 27_Transitions with Intermediate Clips 28_Using a Bounding Geometry 29_Using a Curve as Trigger 30_Material Stylesheets 31_Shading the Warriors 32_Setting Textures with an Attribute Readme.txt

CGCircuit – Crowd for Feature Film_Part 2 01_Intro 02_Setting Up the Crowd 03_Collision Layers 04_Adding Dynamics to a Crowd Sim 05_Concave Collisions with Fractures 06_Collisions with Heightfields 07_Setting up Constraints 08_Hard Constraints 09_Setting up a Trigger 10_Cone Twist Constraints 11_Cone Twist Settings 12_Tips for Setting up Collision Layers 13_Automatic Joint Constraints Setup 14_Manual Joint Setup 14_Zombie Simulation Setup 15_Tracer Fire 16_Trigger into Ragdoll 17_Short about Matrices 18_Local Vs World Space 19_Short about Arrays 20_Get Access to the Agent Rig 21_Find the Closest Limb 22_Adding Force 23_Adding Sparks 24_Motor Ragdoll 25_The End

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