Release date:2018

Duration:00 h 22 m

Author: Josh Dunlap

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Create and Design an Animated/Vinyl toy stylized character based on a drawing or reference image of a cute baby animal. You can work from any animal image you would like, or you can follow along with me. Also, think of an action item the character can be holding or playing with.

Find an image of a cute animal online. Cute pose, good features to emphasize and stress.

Make notes or paint-overs in Photoshop to further experiment with concept and polish design.

Start blocking out character in Zbrush based on your illustrated character. Sculpt the basic forms.

Refine the basic forms and shapes into a polished character.

Pose the character in Zbrush.

Create and add the prop.

-Render (Zbrush or Keyshot)
Table of Contents

1. Introduction 1:12

2. Supplies and Materials 2:41

3. Finding The Right Reference 3:36

4. Drawing Your Concept 1:13

5. Start The Sculpture 4:23

6. Refine The Details 3:32

7. Posing The Character 1:24

8. Adding The Prop 1:31

9. Rendering 1:14

10. Final Thoughts and Thank You 0:50

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