Release date:2016, May 27

Duration:01 h 04 m

Author:Bill Gardner

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Do you find yourself in awe of some designers, wondering how they continue to produce fresh and original work? Are you unsure if your logo designs are maintaining relevance in a constantly evolving field? In this course, Bill Gardner evaluates over two-hundred logos, crafted by exceptional designers around the world, demonstrating how to detect trends. He shows you how to spot specific and valuable nuances, looking for new and engaging symbolism, so you can become sensitized to the trends occurring in the industry.

Discover how logo trends get started and how they evolve. See how several, different designers were able to manifest a different successful solution using the same general concept behind a trend. You’ll also learn where to look to find sparks for your next identity project that will allow you to launch into the vanguard of identifying trends before others.

Topics include:

Detecting logo design trends

Identifying marks and techniques to launch your next design

Determining which elements captivate consumers

Leveraging new ways to express dimension

Shifting the use of shape and line to communicate strength
Table of Contents


Welcome 1m 55s

Why are trends important? 2m 28s

A shifting brand environment 1m 50s

1. Why Trends

A stride toward simplicity 1m 48s

Discovering new symbology 2m 34s

2. Line

Stimming: A repetitive loop 2m 51s

Bars: Building with repetition 3m 13s

Line dash: Hierarchy of line 3m 45s

3. Shape

Circles: The universal shape 3m 50s

Corners: Defining boundaries 2m 50s

Pocket shields: Tomorrow’s crest 3m 44s

4. Type

Off shift: Exposing the hidden message 3m 52s

Letter block: Fitting the square 4m 19s

Dog ears: A customized container 2m 56s

5. Dimension

Slices: Layering in hidden dimension 2m 26s

Benders: Unexpected agile shapes 3m 41s

Curls: A mystery form is born 2m 45s

6. Surface

Ombre: A gradient with breaks 2m 30s

Half and half: Light and not so light 3m 32s

Linked: Building visual bonds 3m 47s

Conclusion Forecasting future logo trends 3m 50s

00. Introduction 01 – Welcome 02 – Why are trends important 03 – A shifting brand environment

01. Why Trends 04 – A stride toward simplicity 05 – Discovering new symbology

02. Line 06 – Stimming – A repetitive loop 07 – Bars – Building with repetition 08 – Line dash – Hierarchy of line

03. Shape 09 – Circles – The universal shape 10 – Corners – Defining boundaries 11 – Pocket shields – Tomorrows crest

04. Type 12 – Off shift – Exposing the hidden message 13 – Letter block – Fitting the square 14 – Dog ears – A customized container

05. Dimension 15 – Slices – Layering in hidden dimension 16 – Benders – Unexpected agile shapes 17 – Curls – A mystery form is born

06. Surface 18 – Ombré – A gradient with breaks 19 – Half and half – Light and not so light 20 – Linked – Building visual bonds

07. Conclusion 21 – Forecasting future logo trends Ex_Files_Logo_Trend_Report.rar info.txt

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