Release date:2014, July 24

Duration:01 h 35 m

Author:Bill Gardner

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Many times, a designer will have a concept for a logo, such as a bird in flight, but struggle with how to communicate that rather simple idea in a new and dynamic way. Bill Gardner, founder of LogoLounge, has been looking at, tracking, and writing about logo design styles for over thirty years. In this course he will walk members through six different visual effects that will help communicate your ideas more effectively. You’ll learn how transparency can communicate a promise of clarity, how texture and light tell stories, and how three-dimensional shapes make your ideas almost touchable. Incorporate these effects into your designs and turn “nice” logos into ones that capture the hearts and imaginations of clients and their customers.

Topics include:

Exposing complexity with transparency

Find synergy in numbers

Creating the illusion of form

Applying personality with patterns

Creating a narrative with light and shadow

Using optical illusion to intrigue
Table of Contents


Welcome 1m 3s

What is LogoLounge? 21s

Using the exercise files 19s

Challenges 23s

1. Transparency: Flat

Transparency as a way of business 3m 3s

Layered: Exposing complexity 2m 24s

Clusters: Synergy in numbers 3m 25s

Shifted: Offsetting a single idea 2m 19s

The freedom of clarity 1m 55s

2. Transparency: Dimensional

More than a flat concept 2m 46s

3D: An illusion of form 3m 20s

Shapes: A transparent wrap 5m 10s

Crystals: Discovering treasure 2m 25s

3. Three-Dimensional Shapes

Lifting a concept off the screen 2m 1s

Highlights: A tempting mirage 2m 57s

Shading: A thing of substance 3m 6s

Trompe I’oeil: Fooling the eye 4m 16s

4. Treatment

Letting surface tell a story 2m 42s

Pattern: Applying personality 3m 2s

Handmade: A touch of humanity 2m 30s

Texture: Tactile messenger 3m 39s

Picture frames: Diverse personality 5m 36s

Challenge: Treatment 1m 19s

Solution: Treatment 2m 14s

5. Shadows Absence of light tells a story 38s

Active: Dark stories in motion 4m 7s

Informative: Mysteries in the message 3m 23s

Reality: A true sense of place 2m 10s

Challenge: Shadow 1m 46s

Solution: Shadow 1m 56s

6. Illusion

Optical illusion: Is it or isn’t it? 3m 38s

Discovery: Making brand advocates 1m 26s

Spatial puzzles: An homage to M. C. Escher 2m 54s

Multiviews: Made you look twice 1m 12s

Hidden: In plain sight 4m 35s

Motion: A dizzying possibility 2m 52s

Conclusion Next steps 2m 8s

00. Introduction 01 – Welcome 02 – What is LogoLounge 03 – Using the exercise files 04 – Challenges

01. Transparency – Flat 05 – Transparency as a way of business 06 – Layered – Exposing complexity 07 – Clusters – Synergy in numbers 08 – Shifted – Offsetting a single idea 09 – The freedom of clarity

02. Transparency – Dimensional 10 – More than a flat concept 11 – 3D – An illusion of form 12 – Shapes – A transparent wrap 13 – Crystals – Discovering treasure

03. Three-Dimensional Shapes 14 – Lifting a concept off the screen 15 – Highlights – A tempting mirage 16 – Shading – A thing of substance 17 – Trompe loeil – Fooling the eye

04. Treatment 18 – Letting surface tell a story 19 – Pattern – Applying personality 20 – Handmade – A touch of humanity 21 – Texture – Tactile messenger 22 – Picture frames – Diverse personality 23 – Challenge – Treatment 24 – Solution – Treatment

05. Shadows 25 – Absence of light tells a story 26 – Active – Dark stories in motion 27 – Informative – Mysteries in the message 28 – Reality – A true sense of place 29 – Challenge – Shadow 30 – Solution – Shadow

06. Illusion 31 – Optical illusion – Is it or isnt it 32 – Discovery – Making brand advocates 33 – Spatial puzzles – An homage to M. C. Escher 34 – Multiviews – Made you look twice 35 – Hidden – In plain sight 36 – Motion – A dizzying possibility

07. Conclusion 37 – Next steps info.txt

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