Release date:2016, December

Duration:01 h 41 m

Author:Darrin Lile

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Blender’s sculpting tools are great for modeling, but they also can be used to create fine-detail textures for your 3D models, whether for animations or games. In this course, Darrin Lile demonstrates how to use Blender’s Multiresolution modifier and sculpting tools to create texture maps that simulate high-poly sculpt information. He reviews the process of baking these textures out to normal and ambient occlusion texture maps, and then shows how to apply them to your 3D game assets in Unity.

Topics include:

Modeling a symmetrical object in Blender

UV mapping objects in Blender

Creating high-poly sculpt details

Using the sculpt and mask brushes

Creating fine details

Baking and applying texture maps

Importing and testing texture maps in Unity
Table of Contents


Welcome 44s

What you should know 55s

Using the exercise files 41s

1. Modeling the Hammer

Loading a background image 3m 7s

Modeling the hammer head 4m 28s

Modeling the handle 5m 52s

Modeling the accessories 8m 55s

Finishing the hammer 5m 4s

2. UV Mapping the Hammer

UV mapping the hammer head 4m 46s

UV mapping the handle 5m 7s

UV mapping the accessories 2m 59s

Finishing the UV map 3m 30s

Organizing and testing the UV map 6m 24s

3. Sculpting the Details Creating a high-poly version 8m 15s The Multiresolution modifier 3m 15s

The Sculpt Brush 4m 45s

The Mask Brush 7m 38s

The Anchor tool 5m 33s

Creating fine details 5m 57s

4. Baking and Applying the Textures

Preparing to bake the texture maps 2m 45s

Baking the normal and ambient occlusion (AO) maps 6m 22s

Importing and testing in Unity 3m 44s

Conclusion Conclusion and next steps 33s

00. Introduction 01 – Welcome 02 – What you should know 03 – Using the exercise files

01. Modeling the Hammer 04 – Loading a background image 05 – Modeling the hammer head 06 – Modeling the handle 07 – Modeling the accessories 08 – Finishing the hammer

02. UV Mapping the Hammer 09 – UV mapping the hammer head 10 – UV mapping the handle 11 – UV mapping the accessories 12 – Finishing the UV map 13 – Organizing and testing the UV map

03. Sculpting the Details 14 – Creating a high-poly version 15 – The Multiresolution modifier 16 – The Sculpt Brush 17 – The Mask Brush 18 – The Anchor tool 19 – Creating fine details

04. Baking and Applying the Textures 20 – Preparing to bake the texture maps 21 – Baking the normal and ambient occlusion (AO) maps 22 – Importing and testing in Unity

05. Conclusion 23 – Conclusion and next steps Ex_Files_Blender_GameAsset.7z info.txt

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