Release date:2018

Duration:04 h 53 m

Author: Madina Chionidi

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

In this tutorial, we are going through the process of building a Biker Style Jacket in Marvelous Designer 7.

It focuses on the standard building process as well as new tricks in this version such as adding stitching and buttons within MD.

Throughout this step-by-step process, we are going from big shapes down to small details while keeping the initial structure as firm as possible, which is very important for these types of garments to look realistic.

Special attention is given to non-destructive, natural-looking padding and I am also sharing my process of exporting to Zbrush in order to add thickness and integrate the stitching.

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to construct garments of similar complexity for use in game or film production.
Table of Contents

1. Blocking out the Base

2. Adjusting & Fitting the Base on the Avatar

3. Detailing the Sleeves

4. Adding Second Layer with Layer Clone

5. Adding Pockets & Zipper Tape

6. Adding Shoulder Boards

7. Adding the Belt (Part 1)

8. Adding the Belt (Part 2)

9. Polishing Layer Clone Artefacts

10. Adding Stitches & Rivets

11. Exporting the Jacket to Zbrush

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