CGAxis–物理3 4K 大小:40G

Physical 3是一个XXL捆绑包集合,拥有500个PBR纹理,可以在你最喜欢的3D软件中使用。对于从事游戏开发、动画和其他3D艺术相关行业的创意设计师来说,Physical 3合集包是一个完美的选择。


为了让您的设计过程更加舒适,我们准备了物理3中包含的所有500种材料,以与3DS Max + V-Ray、虚幻引擎和Unity一起开箱即用。所有三种原生格式都包含在购买后的下载中。

Welcome to Physical 3 Intro Special
Physical 3 is an XXL bundle collection featuring 500 PBR textures ready to be used in your favorite 3D software. The Physical 3 bundle is a perfect choice for creative designers working in game development, animation, and other 3D art-related industries.
We’ve divided the bundle into five themes: Organic, Medieval, Military, Destruction and Sci-Fi.
CGAxis – Physical 3 4K
500 pre-made materials
To make your design process more comfortable, we’ve prepared all 500 materials included in the Physical 3 to work with 3DS Max + V-Ray, Unreal Engine, and Unity out of the box. All three native formats are included in your download after purchase.

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