大小解压后:696M 支持Unity版本 2020.3.25或更高

– 32个完整而独特的VFX预制屋
– PBR水晶材料公司
– 6个岩石碎片模型
– 7种武器型号
– 6个水晶和8个水晶碎片型号
– 200多种纹理和渐变


– URP版本适用于移动设备,但您可能需要减少中低端移动设备的粒子数量。



Main Features:

– 32 Complete and unique VFX Prefabs
– Plus 48 VFX examples in the second Scene
– Shader Graph shaders for URP and HDRP pipelines
– Amplify Shader Editor for Standard pipeline
– Second Scene with bonus content
– PBR Crystal materials
– ForceField materials
– Everything in Local Space
– Perfectly scalable
– Extreme customization options, almost every parameter can be adjusted
– Standard, URP, and HDRP support
– Tons of additional textures, gradients, and meshes
– Deferred and Forward rendering
– 6 Rock debris models
– 7 Weapon models
– 6 Crystal and 8 Crystal shards models
– 200+ Textures and Gradients


– Asset works perfectly fine on PC
– URP version works on mobiles, but you might need to reduce the number of particles for the low-to-middle-end mobile devices.
– Transparent triangle ForceField effects need to be slightly adjusted for Orthographic cameras

Technical information:

– Effects are built with Unity native Particle System (Shuriken, CPU)
– Some of the effects using native animator component with simple animation clips
– Ground Indicators/Impacts are just particles, with custom optimized meshes to reduce overdraw
– Video was recorded on Standard (Built-in) pipeline, Linear Color Space, using only regular Bloom and ACES Tonemappming for the Post-processing Effects
– Interactive Demo Scenes for each pipeline are included
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