Unreal Engine虚幻游戏引擎素材资源 Unreal Engine Marketplace –Suburban House Low-poly 3D model郊区住宅低多边形三维模型

此软件包仅适用于Unreal Engine 4.15(或更高版本)!内容为.UASSET格式!
Suburban House是一个完全装修的家庭资产,它包含一个详细的房屋模型,具有独立的子层(门、窗、百叶窗)和218个高质量的交互式道具。每一个交互模型都有适当的分离和旋转的子菜单,随时可以被动画化(旋钮、控制杆、开关、柜门、抽屉)。
是的,128*96的技术细节:基于4096的技术细节,自动生成的三角形数:整个演示场景约280k(空房子约40k)LOD:是网格数:489材质和材质实例数:81主材质和8材质实例数:232(包括基色+不透明度(如适用)、法线贴图、金属+粗糙度+AO,排放地图(如适用)预期平台:台式电脑、VR平台测试:Windows PC
此处所示的多边形数(250k)指的是整个演示场景,所有道具都已完全组装。该软件包针对台式机进行了优化,但根据客户反馈,它在PC VR上运行得非常好。
我想再次强调的是,这个包在这里只为虚幻引擎4开发人员!打开ZIP文件并将其复制到您的Unreal project的/content文件夹中,就可以开始了!

This package here is ONLY available for Unreal Engine 4.15 (or newer)! Contents are in .UASSET format!
Suburban House is a completely furnished home asset that contains a detailed house model with separated submeshes (doors, windows, shutters) and 218 high-quality, interactive props. Every interactive model has properly separated and pivoted submeshes, ready to be animated (knobs, levers, switches, cabinet doors, drawers).
High-res PBR textures
Carefully unwrapped UV1 for artifact-free lightmap support
Fully baked ready to use daytime demo map included (+ one overview map of all assets)
Properly positioned pivots for interactivity
Every mesh is organized and Blueprinted for convenient access.
128×128 to 4096×4096 resolution depending on object size (consistent resolution throughout the scene)
Basecolor (_BC), Metallic, Roughness, Ambient Occlusion (_MTRAO in RGB packed, non-sRGB), Emission (_E), Opacity (_O in basecolor’s alpha channel).
All materials have assigned PBR texture inputs, applicable ones have scalar parameters/material instances provided for customization.
Technical Details: Physically-Based Rendering: Yes Texture Size: from 128*128 to 4096*4096 Collision: Yes, automatically generated Triangle Count: ~280k for the whole demo scene (~40k for the empty house) LODs: Yes Number of Meshes: 489 Number of Materials and Material Instances: 81 master materials and 8 material instances Number of Textures: 232(includes Basecolor + Opacity(where applicable), Normal map, Metallic+Roughness+AO, Emission map (where applicable)) Intended Platform: Desktop PC, VR Platforms Tested: Windows PC
Note: The house mesh is NOT modular, but is split to parts for optimized lightmap resolution and top-down camera support.
The poly count indicated here (250k) refers to the entire demo scene with all props, fully assembled. The package is optimized for desktops, however, according to customer feedback, it runs great on PC VR.
I’d like to emphasize again that the this package here is only for Unreal Engine 4 developers! Unpack the ZIP file and copy the folder into your Unreal project’s /content folder, and you’re ready to go!

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