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The Object Array Blueprint allows you to array out objects in the XYZ coordinates. It has many options and features that allow many variations, which creates a lot of potential with quickly placing objects in your environment.

Simply drop the blueprint into the level and add the objects you want to spawn in then grab the end point and drag it out. You then have the option to use the modifiers to create something that can randomize the spacing, rotation, scale and more!
* Array objects in the XYZ coordinates

* Add Static Meshes or Blueprints to spawn

* Object Array Types:

** End Point Set

** Manually Set

** Spaced Evenly

** End Point Direct Distance

** Spline Aligned

* Master, Rotation & Scale Seed numbers

* Random Master Seed

* Unique Object Only

* Offset Range

* Set Rotations

* Random Rotation in each axis

* Rotation Range

* Keep Objects Flat

* Align vertically

* Rotation List

* Random Rotation Seed

* Set Scale

* Scale Range

* Uniform scaling

* Scale List

* Random Scale Seed

* Snap to Ground – Snaps the object to the next collision plane

* Snap Align to Surface – Aligns the objects to the surface

* Snap to Ground Stack – Allows objects to stack on top of one another

* Runtime Support – Modify features during runtime.

* Simulate Physics – Allows static meshes to simulate physics

* Save/load Physics Transform – Allows the objects to fall in simulate to be saved in the editor.

* Do not Spawn List

* Randomise do not spawn list

* Materials

* Keep Constant Material Scale

***Update 2

* Do Not Spawn Volume

* Spline Rotation Align

***Update 3

* Static Mesh Instance Array

***Update 4

* Pattern Arrays

* Pattern Offsets

* Pattern Rotations

* Pattern Scale

Example Level Included using actors from the content examples and starter content

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