Unreal Engine Marketplace – MMO Starter Kit v1.4 虚幻引擎MMO入门套件,一个MMO游戏盒子,可以允许任何人创建他们自己的游戏,并制作次世代效果的游戏。
虚幻引擎4 MMO入门套件v1.4 资源大小 1.2G
Unreal Engine 4 MMO Starter Kit v1.4
MMO Starter Kit provides a great starting point for developing or prototyping an MMO. Saving you hours of work, it lets you concentrate on what makes your game unique.
Requires Unreal Engine 4
No third-party solution (such as Photon or RakNet) required – so no monthly fees and you are free to host your server anywhere you want. The documentation has instructions on how to order and set up a dedicated server on Softlayer
– All source code included
– Fully in Blueprints
– Persistent storage of data in a mySQL database.
– Character position and stats are saved when the character logs off and restored when it enters world again.
– Registration, login and character creation.
– Authoritative server
– Launcher/autoupdater that can update the game and itself (separate application, in C#)
– Combat
– Roaming NPCs that fight back and chase after the player if attacked
– Inventory and loot
– Equipment
– Player and NPC respawn
– Combat log
– Classic MMO controls
– Chat with multilingual support
– UMG user interface

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