Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace – Agents Characters Pack
第四个是一个独特的奖励,包含三个字符。这些是皮肤,游戏准备好的角色,重定目标到史诗般的人形装备。你可以使用他们作为特工,保镖,警察,黑手党等。每个角色有2k漫反射,正常,粗糙,高光贴图连接到完全可定制的材料,让你改变字符的外观,以满足你的需要。它非常适合任何类型的游戏和原型游戏。字符的多边形计数是:79708508 9043和7792个三角形。
Set of four high quality character agents, bodyguards… models, with customizing material, that let you tweak the look of characters to your needs.
Package contains three unique characters, fourth is added as a bonus. These are skinned, game ready characters, retargeted to Epic humanoid rig. You can use them as agents , bodyguards, policemans, mafiosos etc. Each character have 2k diffuse, normal, roughness, specular maps connected to fully customizable material, that lets you change the look of characters to your needs. It is perfect for any type of game and for prototyping games. Polycount for characters is: 7970, 8508, 9043 and 7792 triangles.

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