blender market–Gardener Pro、Aquatiq 1.0.0和Quick Rig V.1.25.15 三个文件解压后大小共:1.44G





Aquatiq 1.0.0





我找不到与Blender 3兼容的最新版本的Quick Rig。x在这里——这就是了。我看到很多评论警告人们注意那些相当老的用户,然后在8年后随机上传一些东西,但是想用这个稍微回馈一下社区。文件直接来自BlenderMarket下载页面。



Blendermarket – Gardener Pro, Aquatiq 1.0.0 and Quick Rig V.1.25.15


GARDENER – Bushes,Hedges & Shrubs Creator

Gardener is the new essential tool to create photorealistic bushes, hedges, and shrubs in 1 click! Thanks to its large collection of plant species from the 5 continents, Gardener offers you no less than 39 varieties of plants as well as 45 models of trunk and 96 biomes. It’s more than 350 assets total.


Aquatiq 1.0.0

Add water effects to your scene super quickly with aquatiq. Instead of spending hours creating complex simulations, you add simple planes with animation sequences that can be previewed in the viewport.

The library contains 2D and 3D water assets that can be used as legos to build new effects and assets like fountains, birdbaths, and water materials.


Quick Rig V.1.25.15

I couldn’t find the latest version of Quick Rig which has been updated to be compatible with Blender 3.X here – so here it is. I see lots of comments warning people about users that are quite old and then randomly upload something 8 years later, but wanted to give back to the community a little bit with this. File is direct from BlenderMarket download page.

Auto-Rig Pro: Quick Rig

IMPORTANT: Quick Rig is an extension for the Auto-Rig Pro addon, it means Auto-Rig Pro must be purchased and installed first (the latest version is preferred for compatibility purposes.)

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