ever motion–建筑模型第241卷 大小解压后:445M

3Ds max–Vray

Archmodels vol. 241包括28个专业、高质量的建筑可视化三维模型。该系列配有详细的现代船只、游艇、双体船和水上摩托艇——所有水上运输工具,您都需要这些工具来可视化海洋、港口、旅游胜地等。所有对象都可以在可视化中使用。

Evermotion – Archmodels vol. 241

3Ds max – Vray

Archmodels vol. 241 includes 28 professional, high quality 3d models for architectural visualizations. This collection comes with detailed modern boats, yachts, catamarans and jet skis – all water transportation vehicles that you need for visualizations of marins, harbors, tourist resorts and similar. All objects are ready to use in your visualizations.

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