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Beginner Maya Character Animation: Unleash Your Superhero Potential
In this class you’ll learn how to animate a superhero style three point landing! We’ll be working in Maya, and I’ll take you through my whole process from start to finish. This class is perfect for the beginner as I’ll show you what to do step by step, and also great for an intermediate animator who is looking to improve their process.

Animation can be a complicated and confusing art form, but by using the process I explain in this class, you will find that you can focus on what you are animating, rather than how to animate it.

In this class we’ll cover:

How to shoot reference effectively.
How to setup Maya for an efficient animation workflow.
An easy technique for Graph Editor success.
What a Character Rig is and how to use one.
The best way to block a performance.
My process when taking that blocking into animation.
What to look out for when polishing an action.
I’ll cover all of these topics as I animate a character performing a superhero stye three point landing. You’ll be able to watch and follow along as I show you every decision I make, and tell you my thoughts as I am doing so.

By the end of the class you will have a great shot for your demo reel, but also a process that you can use to create any piece of animation you choose!

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