Master Facial Capture Technology and Transform Your Scans into High-Fidelity Digital Characters

What you’ll learn
To create metahumans from scratch and implement them into a workflow
Creating a metahuman from a facial scan
Animating a facial animation using Live Link and Metahuman Animator
To explore all the possibilities that the use of this resource provides

An Epic Games Account
Windows 10
A graphics card compatible with Ray Tracing
An iPhone 12 or newer for facial capture
Unreal Engine Version 5.0 or later
Requires basic knowledge of Unreal Engine

MP4 | 视频:h264,1920×1080 | 语言:英语+中英文字幕(云桥网络 机译) | 课程时长:3小时46分钟

Welcome to the exciting Metahuman course, where we’ll explore in detail the creation from scratch of a Metahuman and the various facial capture systems available. We won’t just stick to understanding the basics; we’ll delve deep into every aspect of the process, from initial capture to implementation in Unreal Engine 5.Throughout this training, you’ll dive into the world of digital character development. We’ll start from the fundamentals, learning to use key tools like Metahuman Creator, Mesh to Metahuman, and Metahuman Animator. We’ll guide you through each step of the creation process, from initial conceptualization to practical implementation.One of the most exciting aspects of this course is the focus on facial capture, where we’ll explore the various technologies and techniques available to achieve stunning results. From the most basic to the most advanced systems, we’ll equip you with the skills needed to perform effective and realistic facial captures.But we won’t stop there. Once we’ve mastered creation and facial capture, we’ll take the next crucial step: turning our facial scans into fully functional Metahumans. With expert use of tools like Livelink Face, you’ll learn to transform your scans into dynamic and expressive digital characters, ready to be implemented into your Unreal Engine 5 projects.This course is based on the principle of hands-on learning. We firmly believe that the best way to learn is by doing, so we’ll provide you with ample opportunities to practice your skills and experiment with different techniques and tools. Through practical exercises and challenging projects, you’ll become a master in the creation and animation of Metahumans.Get ready to embark on an exciting journey into the future of digital character creation. Join us and discover the power of turning your ideas into reality with Metahuman!

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Interface

Lecture 2 Metahuman creator web Interface

Section 3: Face

Lecture 3 Blend

Lecture 4 Sculpt

Lecture 5 Move

Lecture 6 Skin

Lecture 7 Eyes

Lecture 8 Teeth

Lecture 9 Make up

Section 4: Hair

Lecture 10 Head

Lecture 11 Eyebrows

Lecture 12 Eyelashes

Lecture 13 Mustache and beard

Section 5: Body

Lecture 14 Physique

Lecture 15 Upper part

Lecture 16 Lower part

Lecture 17 Footwear

Section 6: Prepare the engine

Lecture 18 Project

Lecture 19 Plugins

Section 7: Import to Metahuman

Lecture 20 Bridge

Lecture 21 Metahuman BP and Commons

Section 8: Mesh to Metahuman

Lecture 22 Mesh to metahuman

Section 9: Metahuman animator

Lecture 23 Capture Source

Lecture 24 Capture Manager

Lecture 25 Capture Data

Lecture 26 Metahuman Identity

Lecture 27 Metahuman Performance

Section 10: Livelink

Lecture 28 iPhone setup

Lecture 29 Take recorder

Section 11: Visernes and Expresions

Lecture 30 Visernes

Lecture 31 Expressions

Section 12: Customize logos on clothin

Lecture 32 Texture

This course is aimed at people interested in learning about metahumans

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