CGCookie–在Blender中模拟风格化的头发 教程大小:757M 含课程工程文件 时长:10分钟 1920X1080 mov 语言:英语+中文字幕(机译)




优化你的头发在游戏或制作中的多点计数然后我们看看如何在Blender 2.8中将这些信息转化为高度可控的风格化头发。这种方法甚至允许你在游戏引擎上定制头发到生产渲染引擎,允许你在飞行中控制多边形数!

CGCookie – Modeling Stylized Hair in Blender

This Blender tutorial will show you a foolproof technique for modeling hair from photo references.

But not just any technique: we’re looking for a hairstyle you can quickly adjust by repositioning the hair strands or the cross-section of the hair without too much noodling…because easy does it.

If You’re Making Characters for a Game or for Production… We’ve got that covered, too! You’ll learn how to easily tailor the poly count so you can optimize the model.

Optimizing Your Hair’s Polycount for Games or Production We then look at how we can translate this information into highly controllable stylized hair in Blender 2.8. This method even allows you to tailor the hair to a production render engine on game engine by allowing you to control the poly count on the fly!

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