CGCookie–使用相机投影在Blender 2.8中快速创建照片环境 教程大小:825M 含工程文件 1920X1080 mov 语言:英语+中文字幕(机译)



CGCookie – Create Photoreal Environments Fast in Blender 2.8 with Camera Projection

In this Blender video tutorial we’re going to look at camera projection onto simple 3D geometry with a single photo. Exploring how this technique is useful for creating moving photoreal background plates with camera motion that retains the expected parallax and perspective.

By projecting a photo over simple 3D geometry from a matched camera, you can create a 3D photoreal scene in a comparatively short amount of time. Ideal for showing models in “real-world” environments, or adding virtual camera moves to still images.

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