Release date:2018

Author:Joey Korenman

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

What is Animation Bootcamp? Knowing HOW to do something in After Effects is great… but knowing WHAT to do is better. Understanding the principles of good Animation is the key to creating amazing, fluid work.This 6-week interactive experience will put you ahead of the competition and ignite your ability to create beautiful, purposeful movement no matter what you’re working on.

If you start every project with a pit in your stomach hoping that somehow you’ll “find” some good animation by experimenting with keyframes… then this course will literally change your career.

Step-by-step Classes & More.. You will gain evergreen access to the Animation Bootcamp Student Portal. The portal contains 6-weeks worth of content that is time-released day-by-day to you. Whether you are new to Motion Graphics or a seasoned pro, you will be shown step-by-step and then tested

What will you learn in Animation Bootcamp?

Motion Curves

Create beautiful, FLUID movements using the Graph Editors. You gotta learn ’em to animate well.

Eye Control

Control your viewer’s eye and make your work incredibly pleasing to watch. This principle is like a super power for After Effects artists.

Animation Vocabulary

Build up a comprehensive Animation Vocabulary to expand your toolset and give you tons of options for your work.

Principles of Animation

Add more impact and energy to your animations using Anticipation, Overshoots, Follow-Through, and more.

Critical Eye for Animation

Develop your critical-eye for Animation so you can hone in on great movement quicker and easier.

After Effects Techniques

Find out how to stop relying on plugins and tricks to make great work. Learning to animate can change your career.

Week 1 Day_01_01 Day_01_02 Day_01_03 Day_04_Frame by Frame Day_04_Space Explorer Day_05_GoodTaste.mp3

Week 2 Day_06_Animation Curves Part 1 Day_06_Exercise Step 3 Day_06_Parenting and Alpha Mattes Day_07_INT_KylePredki_r2.mp3 Day_08_webinar.txt Day_09_Animation Curves Part II Day_09_Dogfight Day_10_TheDipCometh.mp3

Week 3 Day_11_Cube Expression Rig Explained Day_11_Dreidels and Cow Blasting Day_11_Oscillations for Fun and Profit Day_12_INT_MorganWilliams_r2.mp3 Day_13_webinar.txt Day_14_Bounces and the Pong Challenge Day_14_Shape Layers Day_14_The Way of the Bounce Day_15_Universal Principles

Week 4 Day_16_DUIK Demo Day_16_Follow-Throgh Bootcamp Day_17_INT_SanderVanDijk.mp3 Day_18_webinar.txt Day_19_Squashy Stretchy Secondary Day_20_CareerTalk.mp3

Week 5 Day_21_More Shape Layer Ideas Day_21_Reinforce Yo Movement Day_22_INT_RichNosworthy.mp3 Day_23_webinar.txt Day_24_How to Control Eye Trace Day_25_The Express Train

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