Release date:2018, September 20

Duration:01 h 01 m

Author:Ryan Kittleson

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Retopology is a fun combination of artistry and technique. Characters that are sculpted in programs like ZBrush or Mudbox are usually too dense to animate correctly. Retopology takes an existing sculpted model or 3D scan and optimizes the mesh for efficient geometry and more natural animation. Instructor Ryan Kittleson shows how to import the original model, plan the refined edge flow, and create new geometry, and modify the polygon mesh. By the end of the course, you should be able to apply the same theory to prepare any character for rigging and animation.

Topics include:

Setting up the sculpted model

Drawing guidelines

Using the modeling toolkit

Adding and deleting polygons and edge loops

Retopology tips and tricks
Table of Contents


Retopology with Maya 39s

Preparation for this course 38s

1. Preparing for Retopology

Set up the sculpted model 3m 59s

Draw guidelines 3m 39s

Establish the major flow zones 5m 43s

Deal with special cases 4m 42s

Finish the guidelines 2m 28s

2. Using the Modeling Toolkit

Place vertices and polygons 4m 22s

Extend edges 4m 28s

Make the ear 3m 15s

Add and delete polygons and edge loops 6m 13s

Increase the mesh detail 6m 22s

Relax the mesh 3m 23s

Retopology tips and tricks 4m 47s

Mirror the other half of the model 4m 31s


Examine the finished model 2m 9s

Next steps 26s

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