Release date:2016, October 5

Duration:07 h 47 m

Author:Shaun Bryant

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Take your CAD skills up a notch. Work smarter, not harder, with AutoCAD. AutoCAD Tips & Tricks provides weekly tips, techniques, and workarounds to make designers like you more effective and more productive. Learn how to use AutoCAD’s features in exciting new ways, customize the workspace and shortcuts to save time, create more accurate drawings with the measurement and organization tools, and more. Shaun Bryant’s insights give you that competitive edge you can’t get from a regular training manual. Tune in every Wednesday for a new tip!

00 Welcome 01 Using ARRAY and ARRAYCLASSIC 02 Using FIELDS in MTEXT 03 Freezing layers in the current viewport 04 Using WBLOCK to edit and replace blocks 05 Using DesignCenter with AutoCAD blocks 06 Using measure to obtain accurate drawing information 07 Using layer properties for layer management 08 Using the new centerline commands 09 Using DIMREASSOCIATE to maintain dimension accuracy 10 Using the QAT to set up a customized workspace 11 Using markup tools to create a revision schedule 12 Utilizing named views to manage the Model tab 13 Using the AutoCAD calculator to your advantage 14 Using Quick Select to speed up the selection process 15 Using layer settings for effective layer control 16 Setting AutoCAD point styles 17 Setting multiple point objects 18 Using the MEASURE command 19 Using the DIVIDE command 20 Creating different revision cloud types 21 Creating a region from 2D objects 22 Using EXTRUDE to create 3D solids 23 Using visual styles to develop 3D views 24 Using Match Properties effectively 25 Using transparency in AutoCAD drawings 26 Using Hide and Isolate to draw effectively 27 Using the Group Manager to set up groups in AutoCAD 28 Using LTGAPSELECTION in AutoCAD 29 Using SELECTIONOFFSCREEN in AutoCAD 30 Using PDFSHXTEXT in AutoCAD 31 Using the DIMBREAK command 32 Using the DIMSPACE command 33 Creating a dimension jog line 34 Using DesignCenter 35 Working with insertion scales 36 Creating a simple block palette 37 Creating named views 38 Working with batch plotting (PUBLISH) 39 Working with BYLAYER 40 Rotating with Copy and Reference 41 Working with layer settings 42 Using the OFFSET command 43 Setting up a metric text style 44 Setting up a metric dimension style 45 Setting up a metric multileader style 46 Using the STARTUP variable 47 Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar 48 Adding your own AutoCAD workspace 49 Working with the new AutoCAD 2018.1 XREF commands 50 Working with the new AutoCAD 2018.1 view and viewport commands 51 Demonstrating the hi res monitor support in AutoCAD 2018.1 52 Working with the 3D graphics support on the AutoCAD 2018.1 update 53 Working with the PDFSHXTEXT command 54 Converting text to MTEXT with the TXT2MTXT command 55 Enclosing text with an object such as a circle slot or rectangle 56 Developing and extruding a simple region in a 3D solid 57 Using the layer controls in the Layers panel in the ribbon 58 Adding blocks to a tool palette for design reuse 59 Changing the INSUNITS variable when working with blocks 60 Using the Sheet Set Manager to develop a sheet set 61 Working with the interface panel and display options 62 Using AutoCAD tools to fix broken reference paths 63 Finding and replacing reference files 64 Working with AutoCAD centerlines and adjusting their settings 65 Working with the Named Views panel 66 Using the PUBLISH command 67 Using the ETRANSMIT command 68 Working with the ARRAYPATH command 69 Working with the FIELD command to display object data 70 Creating tool palettes from drawings in AutoCAD DesignCenter 71 Using the Markup Set Manager in AutoCAD with Autodesk Design Review 72 Creating blocks with attributes for design content 73 Working with the Enhanced Attribute Editor to enhance block attributes 74 Using Quick Select to find and select objects quickly 75 Using the SPELL command to check and review AutoCAD designs 76 Interface Editing Polar Arrays 77 Interface Editing rectangular arrays Exercise

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