Release date:2016, April 18

Duration:00 h 47 m

Author:George Maestri

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Rendering can be the rewarding final step at the end of a long 3D modeling process. Or it can be a frustrating chore. It all comes down to the right settings. Now, with Maya 2016 Extension 2, animators have access to the Render Setup dialog, which provides everything you need to manage multiple renders within a single window. This targeted training course explores Maya’s new Render Setup dialog and Light Editor. Install the extensions and get started setting up render layers and creating collections: groups of objects that you want to render on each layer. Author George Maestri helps you adjust the shading, materials, and lighting of objects in your scene and render the final results using this new tool.

Table of Contents


Welcome 42s

What you should know 19s

How to use the exercise files 51s

1. Understand Render Setup

The Render Setup window 2m 59s

Understanding layers and collections 3m 11s

Work with the Light editor 3m 49s

2. Create Layers and Collections

Create layers and collections 4m 55s

Create light collections 3m 46s

3. Add Overrides to Collections

Create overrides for object attributes 7m 45s

Override shading attributes 3m 40s

Override shaders and materials 3m 33s

Adjust camera attributes 3m 29s

Manage light attributes 2m 19s

Adjust light positioning 3m 19s

4. Output and Final Rendering

Render individual layers 1m 16s

Batch Render layers 1m 8s

Conclusion Next steps 17s

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