Release date:2014, July 4

Duration:00 h 06 m

Author:Dan Moran

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

In this insight we take a look at a brand new way of grading that may be familiar to some photographers. We normally grade in RGB mode which is Red, Green and Blue. We manipulate each pixel on screen but the end result is always an RGB adjustment.

This is where LAB mode comes in. It splits our image up into Lightness and then two color channels called A and B. A contains the Magenta and Green channels and B contains the Yellow and Blue channels. This allows us to make some very fun adjustments and also have much tighter control of our image. LAB is not better or worse than RGB grading its just different!

Check out my video insight below to see me introducing how to build a LAB mode node tree and also don’t forget to save this set up in your powergrades so you can instantly call this up at a later date from your colorist toolbox!