Gumroad – Ultimate Rock Alpha Pack

Gumroad–终极岩石材质贴图包 文件大小:20G

包含超过100个高品质4096×4096 16位岩石的各种文件格式。它还提供了详细的物质图表,展示了如何利用这些岩石贴图来生产高质量的材料。最后,它包含了狨猴预览文件,以查看我如何设置这些材质的渲染。
此外,这些岩石材质贴图 可以用在Zbrush,Substance Painter,或任何其他可以利用基于alpha图像的程序中。

Gumroad – Ultimate Rock Alpha Pack
The ultimate rock alpha pack contains over 100 high quality 4096×4096 16 bit rock alphas in various file formats. It also comes with detailed substance graphs showcasing how to utilize these rock alphas to generate high quality materials. Finally it includes marmoset preview files to see how I’ve set up the renders of these materials.

Furthermore these rock alphas can be used in Zbrush, Substance Painter, or any other program that can utilize alpha based images.

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