Zbrush指南-生物纹理和皮肤笔刷 大小解压后:551M
ZBrush 2021.5.1(或更高版本)的50个自定义笔刷集合,用于为生物细化、纹理化和细化表面。包括在这个包里,有39个雕刻刷和11个基于阿尔法的(DragRect)细节。







A collection of 50 custom brushes for ZBrush 2021.5.1 (or above) to detail, texture and refine surfaces for creatures. Included in this pack, there are 39 sculpting brushes and 11 alpha-based (DragRect) details.

Why this pack?
If you follow some of my work online, you’ll probably know that making creatures and ‘other-worldly’ characters is a passion of mine.

Usually, when I work on new projects I end up building custom assets, like a brush, to help me speed up the process. This is especially true when creating a concept for a creature, in fact, I usually do more than one custom brush. If the brush gives me some good results I save it into my library of custom assets.

This pack is basically a more refined compilation of my ‘top creature brushes’ that I’ve made for different projects to help me detail creature surfaces and skin.
Zbrush Guides – Creature Textures and Skin Brushes
I hope they will be useful for you too!

The brushes in this pack
The Creature Texture and Skin brushes pack comes with 50 brushes that have been created with the specific purpose of helping detail your models in ZBrush. These brushes simplify the process of adding intricate and high-frequency details for ‘organic creatures’ and can also be tweaked, using ‘Alt’ to invert the effect, for instance, to produce a variety of effects.

Different brushes have different behaviour and ways that you can apply the effect (refer to Quick start guide in the PDF) but to get the most out of this brushes, the best thing is to combine them!

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