Unreal Engine Marketplace – MedievalDocks中世纪码头场景

Medieval Docks features over 200 assets ready to fill your shoreline with walls, docks, boats, houses, vegetation and marketplace props.

• create multi-level floors with interiors
• we give you both modular and hyper modular pieces that can be mixed and match to create an endless variety of buildings
• Over 20 hyper modular building pieces
• create thousands of variations multi-level houses with windows, walls, stairs, roof, and floor pieces
• 10 layouts for main, mid-floors, roof building pieces
• with 4 variations of each building component
• Over modular 40 docks/wall pieces
• easily drag and drop pieces to create a coastline city
• 20+ medieval marketplace props
• huge variety of props from crates, ropes, foods, kiosks, lumber, etc.
• About 7 vegetation props
• mix of trees, dead trees, and grass foliage
• 4 tileable terrain textures
• paint walkways & dirt paths to break up ground variation
• LOD (level of detail) states for trees & props
• Complete Support & Documentation

Need Customization Work?
Send us an email at info@polypixel3d.com
For more information about our services please visit: http://www.polypixel3d.com/services/
Asset List:
• 30+ Prop Assets (each with full LODs)
• 40+ hyper modular pieces for buildings
• 10 pre-built building layouts with 4 variations of each
• 7 vegetation assets
• 4 tileable terrain textures

Polycount: (LODs decrease in 50% increments)
• Trees: 900-4000
• Ground Plants: 20-40
• Props: 100-2000
• Building pieces: 500-10,000

Texture Sizes:
• Terrain: 2048×2048
• Trees: 1024×1024-2048×2048
• Ground Plants: 2048×2048
• Props: 512×512-2048×2048
• Building Pieces: 2048×2048

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