Unreal Engine Marketplace – Floating Tile浮动悬板

Floating Tile Generator allows you to create real time composing and decomposing grid of instanced meshes any mesh you like. It allows to easily achieve ‘flying’ and moving tiles, as you change distance between player and blueprint. Grids themselves are easy to copy and adjust to form walkways, walls, stairs or any shape you desire. This blueprint can be used for example, to create self building road in the sky, which gives nice visual effect.

Update 1: WARNING! Backup your project files before updating, just for safety.
– Added function to fix tiles position after completing transform.
– Redesigned player distance calculation, naw it should be easier to use with custom player character.
Number of blueprints: 2
Intended Platform: Desktop, VR

隐藏内容: ********, 支付¥5下载