Unreal Engine Marketplace – Distance Measuring Tool 场景距离测量 测距仪

Tool features included:
• Accurate measurements using both the imperial and metric system
• Will accurately measure – Feet, Inches, Miles, Meters, Kilometers, Centimeters, Radius, Diameter, and Circumference
• Toggle between displaying either the imperial system or metric system (Only changes the words above the actor, both will still be displayed in the options)
• Set a custom scale multiplier (For anyone who has designed their project outside of the default 1UU=1CM measurements)
• Actor distance measuring tool – Tool1 This actor allows the designer to choose two actors in the world and get an instant measurement between these two points
• Simple distance measuring tool – Tool2 The most simple of the 4 but perhaps the most useful. This tool allows the designer to place two points in the level to measure distances between the two points, especially useful for measuring the height or width of an area/building.
• Spline measuring tool – Tool3 This tool allows designers to place and customize a spline in the level that lets the designer measure distances that are uneven such as a race track or a path up a winding staircase.
• Diameter/Circumference tool – Tool4 This tool allows designers to place a circle in the level that can be scaled to allow the measuring of the radius, diameter, and circumference of an area.
– 4 Blueprints
– 1 example map
– 1 material

Intended Platform: PC

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