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Rhino是一个流行且易于使用的3D建模程序。在本课程中,教师戴夫·舒尔茨(Dave Schultze)使用清晰的解释和有用的练习来帮助您开始在Rhino 7中绘图和建模。戴夫向您介绍了Rhino界面中的命令和定制,以及有用的属性面板和Gumball。他引导您完成工作流基础知识,例如选择对象、使用层组织项目以及基本转换。戴夫向你展示了如何使用2D几何绘图。最后,他向您展示了一些有用的命令和功能来开始对基本曲面进行建模。

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Rhino is a popular and easy-to-use 3D modeling program. In this course, instructor Dave Schultze uses clear explanations and helpful exercises to get you started drawing and modeling in Rhino 7. Dave introduces you to the commands and customizations in the Rhino interface, as well as the useful Properties panel and Gumball. He steps you through workflow basics, such as selecting objects, organizing a project using layers, and basic transformations. Dave shows you how to draw using 2D geometry. He concludes by showing you useful commands and features to start modeling basic surfaces.

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