CG trader–45风格化岩石资产包低聚3D模型 CGTrader – 45 Stylized Rock Asset Pack Low-poly 3D model
风格化的岩石资产包由乔纳斯Roscinas包括45个高品质的风格化的岩石准备在您的作品中使用。超过200小时的工作投入到完成这个项目!* *包装中包含小型分散岩石、中型岩石、倾斜岩石、岩群、扁平岩群、巨砾和大型地层。资产使用PBR纹理-漫射,粗糙,金属,法线。每个网格还带有4个LODs,原始的高多边形雕刻和曲率纹理,因此可以根据需要轻松定制岩石。* *商用就绪。


.obj格式 大小解压后:1.65G







Stylized Rock Asset Pack by Jonas Roscinas includes 45 high quality stylized rocks ready to be used in your productions. More than 200 hours of work went into completing this project! **The pack contains small scatter rocks, medium rocks, slanted rocks, clusters, flat clusters, boulders and big formations. The assets are using PBR textures – diffuse, roughness, metalness, normals. Every mesh also comes with 4 LODs, original high-poly sculpts and curvature textures, so the rocks can be easily customized as needed. **Commercial use ready.

Quick info:

• Models come in .obj format

• Diffuse, roughness, metalness, normal and curvature textures provided

• Textures range from 2048x2048px to 4096x4096px depending on the mesh scale.

• 4 Levels of detail

• Original high-poly sculpted meshes provided

• Previews for each mesh in .pdf file

• Tested with UE4 and Unity

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