Gnomon工作坊Santhosh Koneru介绍如何在maya使用Ornatrix梳理毛发

这个介绍性的研讨会揭示了在Maya中使用Ornatrix为动画角色和渲染创建头发所需知道的一切。Santhosh Koneru是一位3D多面手,他详细介绍了为3D角色生成逼真头发所需的所有基础知识和基本工具。

持续时间2h 49m 1920X1080 MP4 语言:英语+中英文字幕(机译)大小解压后:11.8G


Santhosh涵盖的主题包括使用Substance Painter创建分布图和长度/厚度图,并展示了如何广泛使用修改器将头发修饰与参考图像相匹配。他分享了使用V-Ray 5 for Maya中新的V-Ray头发着色器的着色技术,并透露了如何优化CG电影项目场景的技巧,以及如何在家庭工作站上渲染项目的其他建议。Santhosh还包括在Ornatrix中使用动态的快速概述。

Ornatrix Maya V-Ray Substance Painter

Duration 2h 49m MP4

The Gnomon Workshop – Introduction to Grooming with Ornatrix in Maya with Santhosh Koneru

This introductory workshop reveals everything you need to know to create hair for both animated characters and still renders using Ornatrix in Maya. Santhosh Koneru, a 3D Generalist, details all the basics as well as the essential tools required to generate realistic hair for your 3D characters.

The focus of this video tutorial is on creating facial hair for a character that will eventually be animated. The workflow demonstrated can also be applied even if you only intend to render a still of your character for your portfolio.

Santhosh covers topics including the creation of Distribution Maps and Length/Thickness Maps using Substance Painter and shows how to extensively use Modifiers to match your hair groom with reference images. He shares shading techniques using the new V-Ray Hair Shader in V-Ray 5 for Maya and divulges tips for how to optimize your scenes for a CG cinematic project with additional advice on how to render projects on your home workstation. Santhosh also includes a quick overview of using dynamics in Ornatrix.

The goal of this workshop is to provide you with all the necessary knowledge of Ornatrix that you need to explore and create your own hairstyles for your 3D characters and creatures.
Ornatrix Maya V-Ray Substance Painter

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