Blender 3.x – Eevee For The WIN!
另一个每周更新在这里,Eevee正在做这件事,随着blender 2.93的发布和blender 3.0的进步,我们肯定会看到一些令人印象深刻的更新即将推出!
00:00简介00:19发布公告。01:30 Eevee的未来04:56 3.0更新和想法07:10免费社区研究下载。10:44免费插件和通信下载。11:35社区特色插件。13:15结束语


Blender 3.x – Eevee For The WIN!
Another Weekly Update is here and Eevee is taking the cake on this one, with the release of blender 2.93 and the advancement of blender 3.0 we are sure to see some impressive updates coming in hot!

00:00 Intro 00:19 Release Announcement. 01:30 Eevee’s Future 04:56 3.0 Updates & Ideas 07:10 Free Community Study Downloads. 10:44 Free Addons & Comm. Downloads. 11:35 Community Featured Addons. 13:15 Final Words