Release date:2019

Duration:02 h 21 m

Author:William Kesling

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Join motion designer William Kesling to learn how to create a compelling logo animation. This class is perfect for designers who want to learn how to bring their static work into the world of movement. Covering everything from initial storyboards to animating in After Effects, you’ll see how to transform an existing logo into an enticing motion design that captures eyes and conveys a brand’s story. You’ll learn how to:

Make an animation plan with storyboards

Break down a logo into its layers in Illustrator

Build initial scenes in After Effects

Make transitions for a seamless animation

Create a final loop and export your project

William breaks down every tool he uses into clear and understandable terms, so no matter what level you’re at you can take this class! Whether you’re a graphic designer with an existing logo that you want to push to the next level or an aspiring motion designer, by the end of the class you’ll have learned an essential skill that you can use with any logo.
Table of Contents

Introduction 1:28

Planning Your Animation 10:49

Arranging Layers in Illustrator 4:55

Transitioning to After Effects 7:20

Building the Guiding Object 14:23

Building the Brand Element 16:16

Building Transition I 21:12

Refining Transition I 13:11

Building Transition II 18:09

Refining Transition II 9:03

Building Out the Type 8:10

Creating the Final Loop 11:38

Exporting and Final Thoughts 3:38

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