Release date:2018, May 30

Duration:02 h 10 m

Author:Joseph Labrecque

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Interactivity is not a perk for modern web projects—it’s a prerequisite. Learn what you need to go beyond the basics and create engaging, interactive apps and web experiences using the tools in Adobe Animate. Instructor Joseph Labrecque shows how to build out a library of UI elements, such as buttons, toggles, sliders, and lists. He shows how to use these building blocks to design application views within the Animate timeline and create a persistent navigation bar. Then he shows how to add interactivity—using event listeners and custom functions to respond to user input—and animate application views with keyframes, motion tweening, and camera transitions. Finally, learn how to export your prototypes for distribution on desktop, web, and mobile devices.

Topics include:

Designing buttons

Building a toggle switch

Drawing a slider

Creating app views

Building persistent navigation

Adding interactivity

Animating nested elements

Animating interactive views with transitions

Publishing for web, desktop, and mobile

Converting ActionScript to JavaScript
Table of Contents


What you should know 39s

Using exercise files 30s

1. Animate Design Fundamentals

Document properties overview 4m

Drawing on the stage 3m 1s

Understanding the Timeline 2m 18s

Specifying a color set 5m 13s

2. Building a Ul Library

Design a simple button 2m 32s

Component design considerations 2m 54s

Create a set of button variants 2m 39s

Building a toggle switch 2m 4s

Mocking up a list component 4m 12s

Drawing a slider 3m 24s Text layout 4m 4s

3. Creating Timeline Views

Designating screen views 3m 56s

Importing additional content 4m 17s

Manipulating the views 3m 28s

Creating view symbols 1m 56s

Building persistent navigation 5m 46s

4. Adding Interactivity

Naming symbol instances 3m 19s

Creating an actions layer 1m 7s

Navigating to different views 6m 24s

Animating nested elements 5m 1s

Making nested elements interactive 5m 47s

Targeting nested elements 3m 58s

5. Animating Interactive Views

Extending frame spans 5m 19s

Animating transitions with overlays 5m 49s

Preparing for direct transitions 2m 41s

Animating direct transitions 9m 10s

Preparing for camera transitions 2m 19s

Animating with camera transitions 4m 57s

6. Prototypes for Web and Mobile

Publish for desktop 4m 28s

Publish for mobile 1m 21s

Converting for the web 1m 26s

Rewriting interactivity 8m 17s

Conclusion Goodbye 36s

001 Welcome 002 What you should know 003 Using exercise files 004 Document properties overview 005 Drawing on the stage 006 Understanding the Timeline 007 Specifying a color set 008 Design a simple button 009 Component design considerations 010 Create a set of button variants 011 Building a toggle switch 012 Mocking up a list component 013 Drawing a slider 014 Text layout 015 Designating screen views 016 Importing additional content 017 Manipulating the views 018 Creating view symbols 019 Building persistent navigation 020 Naming symbol instances 021 Creating an actions layer 022 Navigating to different views 023 Animating nested elements 024 Making nested elements interactive 025 Targeting nested elements 026 Extending frame spans 027 Animating transitions with overlays 028 Preparing for direct transitions 029 Animating direct transitions 030 Preparing for camera transitions 031 Animating with camera transitions 032 Publish for desktop 033 Publish for mobile 034 Converting for the web 035 Rewriting interactivity 036 Goodbye


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