Release date:2017, March

Duration:09 h 08 m

Author: School of Game Design

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

What Will I Learn?

How to develop games for iPhone, Android, PC, MAC and more

Fundamental programing skills to create advanced video games

How to create a Crossy Road game in Unity3D

How to model and texture your own 3D assets for use in Unity

How to set up player and camera controls

How to create scoring and randomizing systems

Requirements If you have not already, you will need to download and install Unity

Description Have you played the smash hit Crossy Road which made the developer over $10 million dollars in just 90 days? Would you like to learn how to quickly make your own Crossy Road game in just a few hours with simple to follow training?

Throughout this course you will be learning how to build, from scratch, a Crossy Road game in the powerful Unity3D game engine, taught by our game design experts with over 15 years of industry experience.

Learn the simple game mechanics that make games like Crossy Road so fun and easy to build. You will even learn how to quickly model and texture all the 3D assets you need to create complete original video games you can publish, sell, and share with the world.

So if you are ready to master Unity and how to make your own Crossy Road game, then let’s jump right in and start learning with the game design pros here at The School of Game Design.

Important: All software used are FREE to download and use on PC and MAC computers and we provide all of the finished 3D models and the Unity project as well. Enjoy!

Learn and Master Important Aspects of Designing and Programming a Game with Unity3D in This Easy and Fun Lesson for Both Beginners and Advanced Users.

What are the requirements? * MAC/PC Computer

What am I going to learn from this course?

How to develop games for iPhone, Android, PC, MAC and more

Fundamental programing skill to create advanced video games

How to create a Crossy Road game in Unity3D

How to model and texture your own 3D assets for use in Unity

How to set up player and camera controls

How to create scoring and randomizing systems

Who should take this course?

Indie Developers

Students who want to build games fast

Homeschooling Students


Bonus Section of this course includes a FREE Voxel program to further your ability to make great looking game assets with ease!

Who is the target audience? This course is for people of all ages and skill levels

Table of Contents

Intro/setup 24:18

Introduction 00:43

Crossy Road and Frogger 01:41

Rough Design 09:22

Setup Reference Document 03:48

Unity setup and asset import 05:13

Project Folders 03:31

Player Setup 02:33:47

Plugin leantween 04:47

Player Setup 06:40

Player Particle 06:28

Player Prefab 02:38

Player animation Idle 03:32

player animation jumpstart 03:53

Player Animation jump 03:39

Player Animation Die 02:54

Player animator setup 06:10

Player animator transition 06:14

Player Script – at pause please 06:03

Player controller variables 04:47

Player controller methods 03:14

Player controller basic move 10:04

Player Controller Move 04:53

Player Controller idle 09:41

Player Controller raycast 14:01

Player Controller gotHit 05:46

Player Controller isVisable 06:10

animator states 09:17

animator rotate 07:29

animator die correction 01:51

mover setup and variables 07:06

mover method setup 06:15

mover trigger setup 10:15

Setup for Game objects | camera | controllers 01:07:15

coin setup 10:44

log setup 04:26

camera setup and variables 03:13

camera follow 10:59

camera shake 11:41

manager setup – variables & singleton 07:22

manager methods 10:58

manager player controller 05:03

manager camera follow 01:27

manager coin 01:22

The GUI system 02:18:22

gui setup and coin gui 07:41

gui coin image & distance gui 03:17

gui start screen 04:34

gui start event triggers 04:04

gui game over screen 05:23

gui play again & quit 04:03

animator correction on transition 01:32

prefab setup 07:04

level prefabs 08:00

spawner setup & variables 06:51

spawner instantiating 07:18

spawner setup 07:15

spawner controller code 10:13

spawner controller setup 04:08

level road 07:25

spawner object correction 01:17

level grass 1 & 2 06:30

level railroad 05:40

level water 03:52

level generator setup & variables 04:37

level generator methods 07:27

manager and level generator 08:45

level starter & pixel edge 08:56

Hierarchy Cleanup 02:30

Setting up Audio 01:20:35

Audio & UI Import 01:43

Audio Ambient & Train 04:42

Audio Coin 04:14

Audio Player 08:23

Player Water Setup 06:02

Player Water Scripts 10:31

Railroad Collide & Manager Loop 02:02

Font Replacement 02:43

Title Setup 04:18

UI Element Clean Up 02:28

Game Over 04:30

Chicken Audio Random 02:20

Log Height Adjusted 01:49

Player Controls Fixed 06:19

Spawn Placement 03:46

Train Light Setup 10:37

Building The Game 01:59

Wrap Up 02:09

Extended Features 01:03:21

Player Controller – Multiple Rays 27:03

Spawner Controller | Both Sides 03:23

Killbox 32:55

Bonus Section | Basics of MagicaVoxel 20:25

Introduction 01:05

Navigating around the work space 04:57

UI and basic tools 04:55

Character Creation 09:28

1. Introsetup

01. Introduction 02. Crossy Road and Frogger 03. Rough Design 04. Setup Reference Document 05. Unity setup and asset import 06. Project Folders 01.1 CrossyRoad-ProjectFiles.rar 01.1 Project-reference-files.rar

2. Player Setup 01. Plugin leantween 02. Player Setup 03. Player Particle 04. Player Prefab 05. Player animation Idle 06. player animation jumpstart 07. Player Animation jump 08. Player Animation Die 09. Player animator setup 10. Player animator transition 11. Player Script – at pause please 12. Player controller variables 13. Player controller methods 14. Player controller basic move 15. Player Controller Move 16. Player Controller idle 17. Player Controller raycast 18. Player Controller gotHit 19. Player Controller isVisable 20. animator states 21. animator rotate 22. animator die correction 23. mover setup and variables 24. mover method setup 25. mover trigger setup

3. Setup for Game objects camera controllers 01. coin setup 02. log setup 03. camera setup and variables 04. camera follow 05. camera shake 06. manager setup – variables & singleton 07. manager methods 08. manager player controller 09. manager camera follow 10. manager coin

4. The GUI system

01. gui setup and coin gui 02. gui coin image & distance gui 03. gui start screen 04. gui start event triggers 05. gui game over screen 06. gui play again & quit 07. animator correction on transition 08. prefab setup 09. level prefabs 10. spawner setup & variables 11. spawner instantiating 12. spawner setup 13. spawner controller code 14. spawner controller setup 15. level road 16. spawner object correction 17. level grass 1 & 2 18. level railroad 19. level water 20. level generator setup & variables 21. level generator methods 22. manager and level generator 23. level starter & pixel edge 24. Hierarchy Cleanup

5. Setting up Audio 01. Audio & UI Import 02. Audio Ambient & Train 03. Audio Coin 04. Audio Player 05. Player Water Setup 06. Player Water Scripts 07. Railroad Collide & Manager Loop 08. Font Replacement 09. Title Setup 10. UI Element Clean Up 11. Game Over 12. Chicken Audio Random 13. Log Height Adjusted 14. Player Controls Fixed 15. Spawn Placement 16. Train Light Setup 17. Building The Game 18. Wrap Up

6. Extended Features 01. Player Controller – Multiple Rays 02. Spawner Controller Both Sides 03. Killbox

7. Bonus Section Basics of MagicaVoxel 01. Introduction 02. Navigating around the work space 03. UI and basic tools 04. Character Creation

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