Release date:2018, October 5

Duration:01 h 49 m

Author:Nigel French

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Learn the fundamentals of working with type in Adobe Photoshop. In this course, instructor Nigel French distinguishes when it is appropriate to set type in Photoshop rather than InDesign or Illustrator and what makes Photoshop unique for certain type treatments. He demonstrates essential techniques, such as entering and editing text; interacting with type layers; and adjusting the color, transparency, and character formatting of type. Plus, he discusses some evolving technologies in type, including the new frontier of color fonts.

Topics include:

The pros and cons of setting type in Photoshop

Choosing fonts

Sizing type

Entering glyphs

Selecting and formatting multiple type layers

Creating, applying, and editing paragraph styles

OpenType features

Aligning elements as a group

Masking multiple type layers

Creating warped text

Variable type and color fonts
Table of Contents


Welcome 1m 1s

1. Getting Set Up

Setting type in Photoshop 1m 39s

Missing fonts 1m 50s

Create workspace 2m 19s

2. Choosing and Entering Text in Photoshop

Type anatomy 1m 14s

Entering, selecting, and moving type 4m 57s

Choosing fonts 2m 33s

Point type and paragraph type 1m 54s

Returns and breaks 1m 18s

Sizing type 2m 41s

3. Working with Text

Working with dummy text and copy and pasting 2m 50s

Find and replace 1m 32s

Spell-checking 56s

Text and anti-aliasing 1m 53s

The Glyphs panel 1m 44s

Match Font 2 m 44s

Filtering type layers 1m 17s

4. Formatting Text in Photoshop

Adding color to your type 1m 33s

Spacing type: Leading, kerning, and tracking 3m 30s

OpenType features 5m 31s

Shaping paragraphs 45s

Alignment options 5m 59s

Hanging punctuation and bullets 3m 18s

Aligning as a group 2m 33s

Distributing type layers 3m 32s

Paragraph styles and character styles 5m 27s

5. Simple Photoshop Type Treatments

Type and texture 6m 1s

Type and transparency 5m 13s

Masking type 1m 25s

Applying a gradient 3m 52s

Type and layer effects 4m 45s

Setting type on a path 5m 12s

Create warped text 5m

6. Evolving Technologies in Type

Variable type 2m 31s

Color fonts 2m 2s

Conclusion Goodbye 23s

1.Introduction 01.Welcome

2.1. Getting Set Up 02.Setting type in Photoshop 03.Missing fonts 04.Create workspace

3.2. Choosing and Entering Text in Photoshop 05.Type anatomy 06.Entering, selecting, and moving type 07.Choosing fonts 08.Point type and paragraph type 09.Returns and breaks 10.Sizing type 11.Point size and resolution 12.Vertical type 13.Rasterizing type

4.3. Working with Text 14.Working with dummy text and copy and pasting 15.Find and replace 16.Spell-checking 17.Text and anti-aliasing 18.The Glyphs panel 19.Match Font 20.Filtering type layers

5.4. Formatting Text in Photoshop 21.Adding color to your type 22.Spacing type – Leading, kerning, and tracking 23.OpenType features 24.Shaping paragraphs 25.Alignment options 26.Hanging punctuation and bullets 27.Aligning as a group 28.Distributing type layers 29.Paragraph styles and character styles

6.5. Simple Photoshop Type Treatments 30.Type and texture 31.Type and transparency 32.Masking type 33.Applying a gradient 34.Type and layer effects 35.Setting type on a path 36.Create warped text

7.6. Evolving Technologies in Type

37.Variable type 38.Color fonts




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