Release date:2013, December 12

Duration:03 h 32 m

Author:George Maestri

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

The fundamentals of great character animation are rooted in posing your model in a way that reads true, animating from pose to pose to mimic natural movement, and simulating convincing dialogue. Start here to learn the skills all beginning animators need to know to bring their characters to life, regardless of software or style. Author and animator George Maestri first teaches you how to position your model and create realistic poses that tell stories and consider balance and weight. Next, you’ll take those poses and animate between them in what’s called pose-to-pose animation. Then you’ll get your character moving in a basic walk cycle, add expression to the face, and incorporate dialogue. Finally, you’ll learn how to tie all the fundamentals together in a scene complete with pose-to-pose animation and dialogue.

Topics include:

Telling stories through posing

Creating a strong line of action in poses

Animating seating to standing poses

Adding anticipation and follow-through

Making your character walk

Animating the head and face

Animating basic phonemes

Animating a scene
Table of Contents


Welcome 1m 2s

About the course 40s

Maya rig overview ‘ 8m 19s

CINEMA 4D rig overview ‘ 6m 37s

1. Posing Characters

Telling stories through posing 3m 29s

Balance and symmetry in poses 8m 15s

Creating strong lines of action in poses 6m 44s

Silhouetting and flow 5m 27s

Sequencing poses 4m 55s

2. Creating Pose-to-Pose Animation

Timing the blocking pass 3m 34s

Shifting weight and arcs Sm 29s

Adding anticipation and follow-through 8m 37s

Animating a character from seated to standing: Creating the main poses 4m 30s

Animating a character from seated to standing: Adding secondary motion 9m 15s

3. Basics of Walks

Basics of a two-legged walk 1m 48s

Basic leg placement 4m 51s

Adding lower body poses 5m 4s

Adding in upper body motion 4m 33s

Arms and hands 7m 13s

Animating the head 3m 36s

4. Facial Animation

Animating blinks 5m 35s

Head turns and head motion 7m 17s

Basics of facial expression 5m 21s

Animating changes of expression 7m 41s

5. Basics of Dialogue

Understanding phonemes 3m 41s

Animating vowel phonemes: A, E, and I 7m 38s

Animating vowel phonemes: O, U, and Y 7m 27s

Animating consonant phonemes: B? T, and S 7m 43s

Animating consonant phonemes: M, F, and L 6m 2s

Animating dialogue: Lip sync 5m 58s

Animating dialogue: Body motion 4m 4s

6. Animating a Scene

Blocking out main poses 3m 26s

Timing poses and adding holds 3m 54s

Animating weight and balance 7m 25s

Adding secondary motion 8m 46s

Animating dialogue 5m 49s

Finalizing the scene 8m 54s

Conclusion Goodbye 28s

01 – Welcome 02 – About the course 03 – Maya rig overview 04 – CINEMA 4D rig overview 05 – Telling stories through posing 06 – Balance and symmetry in poses 07 – Creating strong lines of action in poses 08 – Silhouetting and flow 09 – Sequencing poses 10 – Timing the blocking pass 11 – Shifting weight and arcs 12 – Adding anticipation and follow-through 13 – Animating a character from seated to standing – Creating the main poses 14 – Animating a character from seated to standing – Adding secondary motion 15 – Basics of a two-legged walk 16 – Basic leg placement 17 – Adding lower body poses 18 – Adding in upper body motion 19 – Arms and hands 20 – Animating the head 21 – Animating blinks 22 – Head turns and head motion 23 – Basics of facial expression 24 – Animating changes of expression 25 – Understanding phonemes 26 – Animating vowel phonemes – A, E, and I 27 – Animating vowel phonemes – O, U, and Y 28 – Animating consonant phonemes – B, T, and S 29 – Animating consonant phonemes – M, F, and L 30 – Animating dialogue – Lip sync 31 – Animating dialogue – Body motion 32 – Blocking out main poses 33 – Timing poses and adding holds 34 – Animating weight and balance 35 – Adding secondary motion 36 – Animating dialogue 37 – Finalizing the scene 38 – Goodbye Ex_Files_Fund_Char_Anim.rar info.txt

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