Release date:2017, October 24

Duration:04 h 30 m

Author:Darrin Lile

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Interested in using Blender to model hard surface objects like vehicles or machinery? Learn how to create realistic hard surfaces, such as the skid-steer loader featured in this course. Instructor Darrin Lile takes you step by step through a production workflow designed to ensure technical accuracy and maximize your design efficiency. He shows how to use the Blender Bevel and Path tools and proportional editing techniques to model the forms. Then he adds depth with the Solidify Modifier, smooths the mesh with Subdivision Surface Modifier, and replicates objects with the Array Modifier. Plus, learn to add lights and materials and render the scene for final presentation.

Topics include: Setting up reference images Blocking basic forms Modeling parts Connecting forms Adding modeling details Lighting the scene Adding materials and textures Rendering the final scene
Table of Contents


Welcome 39s

Exercise files 26s

What you should know 23s

1. Establishing the Foundation Forms

Setting up reference images 10m 46s

Blocking in basic Forms 11m 40s

Beginning the lift arms 14m 25s

Using the Boolean Modifier 13m 23s

Finishing the lift arms 7m 2s

Creating the bucket 10m 39s

Modeling the wheels 11m 35s

Modeling the operator cab 11m 19s

Creating the roof 9m 39s

2. Connecting Forms

Creating the base and rear plate 9m 30s

Modeling the rear cross bar 11m 2s

Creating the lift cylinders 11m 31s

Creating the rear door 12m 19s

Modeling the engine housing 8m 38s

Finishing the engine housing 7m 12s

3. Creating the Interior

Modeling the seat 9m 16s

Creating the steering controls 11m 49s

Creating the window grid 7m 15s

Modeling the door 12m 19s

4. Adding Details

Modeling tubes and pipes 5m 41s

Creating the tire treads 8m 33s

Modeling the lights and handgrip 5m 20s

Final modeling Details 5m 13s

5. Materials, Textures, and Rendering

Lighting the scene 7m 36s

Creating base Materials 5m 7s

Background images for reflections 7m 4s

Multiple materials and glass 5m 27s

Adding image Textures 11m 56s

Creating a final render 5m 25s

Conclusion Next steps 34s

00. Introduction 01 – Welcome 02 – Exercise files 03 – What you should know

01. Establishing the Foundation Forms 04 – Setting up reference images 05 – Blocking in basic forms 06 – Beginning the lift arms 07 – Using the Boolean Modifier 08 – Finishing the lift arms 09 – Creating the bucket 10 – Modeling the wheels 11 – Modeling the operator cab 12 – Creating the roof

02. Connecting Forms 13 – Creating the base and rear plate 14 – Modeling the rear cross bar 15 – Creating the lift cylinders 16 – Creating the rear door 17 – Modeling the engine housing 18 – Finishing the engine housing

03. Creating the Interior 19 – Modeling the seat 20 – Creating the steering controls 21 – Creating the window grid 22 – Modeling the door

04. Adding Details 23 – Modeling tubes and pipes 24 – Creating the tire treads 25 – Modeling the lights and handgrip 26 – Final modeling details

05. Materials, Textures, and Rendering 27 – Lighting the scene 28 – Creating base materials 29 – Background images for reflections 30 – Multiple materials and glass 31 – Adding image textures 32 – Creating a final render

06. Conclusion 33 – Next steps Ex_Files_Blender_Hard_Surface.7z info.txt

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