Release date:2016, August 17

Duration:00 h 49 m

Author:Michael Ingrassia

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Take your ZBrush projects to the next level. Learn how to refine your models in programs like Maya and Photoshop. In this course, Michael Ingrassia walks through several ZBrush rendering workflows for modifying the shape of a model and exporting texture maps for painting outside of ZBrush. First, find out how to export elements for UV layout in Maya or use UV Master to lay out UVs right in ZBrush. Then learn how to export texture maps for refinement in Photoshop, where you can adjust colors, hand-paint texture, and add filters and effects. Chapter 3 shows how to adjust the overall shape of your model in Maya and reassemble the final sculpt back in ZBrush.

Table of Contents


Welcome 52s

1. Exporting Mesh for UV and Texturing

Exporting cover mesh for quick UV layout 8m 22s

Completing UV layout and importing back to ZBrush 2m 42s

Texturing outside of ZBrush 4m 26s

Using UV Master to quickly unwrap organic shapes 3m 28s

2. Quick Rendering Using Photoshop

Creating a beauty pass render outside of ZBrush 5m 55s

Layering MatCaps in Photoshop 5m 8s

3. Final Sculpt Modification

Exporting the book using SubTool Master 3m 58s

Importing subtools into Maya 7m 50s

Reimporting into ZBrush 2m 14s

Finalizing book reconstruction 3m 51s

Conclusion Wrapping up 1m 5s

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