Release date:2016, July 25

Duration:00 h 53 m

Author:George Maestri

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Meet the Time Editor, Maya’s new tool for reusing and blending animation from multiple sources. Learn how to create motion clips, which can then be retimed and manipulated, and edit the animation curves and keys within clips. Then find out how to use the Time Editor for character animation. George Maestri shows how to copy existing animation and motion data and apply it to other characters—a fun and timesaving new technique that’s brand new to Maya 2017.

Topics include:

Creating motion clips

Remapping and manipulating animation with motion clips

Editing clips in the Time Editor

Creating motion clips from character animation

Moving motion data between characters
Table of Contents


Welcome 36s

What to know before watching this course 27s

How to use the exercise files 33s

1. Introducing the Time Editor

Overview of the Time Editor interface 4m 11s

Create motion clips 5m 40s

Remap motion data 4m 56s

Create transitions 3m 11s

Trim and manipulate clips 2m 21s

2. Edit Motion in the Time Editor

Edit clips in the Time Editor 4m 13s

Retime clips 3m 37s

Create layers 4m 16s

3. Character Animation in the Time Editor

Human IK characters in the Time Editor 3m 20s

Ghosting clips 2m 57s

Align clips with relocators 3m 54s

Move data between characters 3m 57s

Bake animation and export 4m 54s

Conclusion Next steps 17s

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