Nitro4D NitroMoFracture v1.04 是一款用于3D对象压裂,破碎,破坏和爆破的C4D插件。它允许你更容易和快速地利用这些破碎功能。复杂破碎模拟,只需点击几下即可实现。主要围绕你的对象,改变尺度,方向和旋转,使用NitroMoFracture强大功能!简单的场景设置,只需将神奇的新工具AutoFracture添加到场景中的对象,更改一些设置,点击播放并实时查看结果。很容易做出改变,看到不同的效果。按SizeTag按大小对动态和静态片段进行排序,支持碰撞,帧和开关模式,FractureDust会自动为模拟添加灰尘效果。
Win/Mac,Cinema 4D R18/R19
Unlock the power in Cinema4D r18 and Mogrpah with NitroMoFracture! Simple scene setup, just add the amazing new tool for AutoFracture to your object(s) in your scene, change some settings, hit play and see the results in real-time. Very easy to make changes to see different ideas.
There is also the PaintTool to limit facturing to just where you paint. The PaintTool has access to the main plugin helping you to easily add fracturing, dynamics, materials, etc.
Finally, there are these great additional tags:
•ConnectTag connects the pieces and breaks more realistically while give you full control over the fracturing.
•By SizeTag sorts dynamic and static pieces by size.
•DetailsTag automatically creates small pieces to give more realistic results.
•TriggerTag which helps you to control dynamics the way you want to trigger. Supports Collision, Frame and Switch modes.
•FractureDust automatically add dust effects to your simulation

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