Unreal Engine Marketplace – Falling Leaves VFX Pack天空落叶蓝图特效
This VFX pack includes 12 different types of leaves, each setup with a matching particle system. On top of the 12 leaf particle systems the pack includes a blueprint that gives the designer the ability to have full control over all 12 particle systems from a single blueprint. From this blueprint the designer can choose what type of leaf is spawned, leaf scale, radius leaves spawn in, wind direction/speed, spawn rate, life time, visualize spawn radius, as well as giving control over the percentage of particles that get spawned in each of the LOD levels. The pack is designed to be fully functional for new users so that they will only ever have to use the provided blueprint class with simple to use options while 12 particle effects are also included to give full control of what goes on in the background for advanced users.
1 Blueprint
12 VFX
12 Material Instances
1 Material
1 Example Map

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