Unreal Engine虚幻游戏引擎素材资源 Unreal Engine Marketplace –Pickup And Note System 拾音器和笔记系统


This blueprint instruments allows you to create your own interactive turntable system with any kind of meshes or BSP. It suit to demonstrate complex devices, to show what does device contains, what name of its components, and how these components works. All you have to do is put your mesh object or BSB object under “Item” blueprint and set up some parameters. After this object will glow on mouse, show its name and show description of its object. Right mouse button click on the object shows or hides the description. You can set glow color, pointer scale and color, name text color, pointer type, description scale and color and other visual parameters. Add blueprint “global settings” to your scene and set parameters to all “Items” in the scene.
Project also have aim camera with smooth rotating and scaling. If mesh have a collision camera may go to picked object and rotate around its pivot point.

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