ever motion–建筑模型第226卷 大小解压后:445M

Archmodels vol. 226包括14个专业、高质量的建筑可视化3d模型。该系列配有3d扫描纹理的低聚植物模型(avarage 2000 tris)。每套包括至少3种不同的植物。你会在这里发现一些来自草地的小物种,如小蓟、蒿属、加利姆、鲁梅克斯、连钱草、三叶草、车前草、凤尾兰、贝特罗阿、塔那西姆、蒲公英和荨麻。所有对象都可以在可视化中使用。

所呈现的模型是用3ds max渲染的。

Evermotion – Archmodels vol. 226

Archmodels vol. 226 includes 14 professional, high quality sets of 3d models for architectural visualizations. This collection comes with low poly plants models (avarage 2000 tris) with 3d-scanned textures. Each set includes at least 3 different variations of the plant. You will find here small species from meadows like Conyza, Artemisia, Galium, Rumex, Glechoma, Trifolium, Plantago, Anchusa, Berteroa, Tanacetum, Taraxacum and Urtica. All objects are ready to use in your visualizations.

Presented models were rendered in V-Ray with 3ds max.
Scenes are not included.
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