Release date:2018, May

Duration:01 h 28 m

Author:John Nightingale, Game Art Co

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

What Will I Learn?

A solid understanding of the fundamentals of animation.

Create simple animations that use the core principles such as: squash & stretch and drag & overlap.

Hand draw animations frame by frame to fully understand movement.

Apply everything they learn to all future animation projects.


A computer and drawing tablet

Basic knowledge of any computer 2d animation software, the course uses Flash (which is now called Animate CC).


If you have never animated in 2D before but always wanted to try or just want to polish your skills, this course is a great way to learn the foundational

principles in a fast and fun way. If you ever wondered how or why an animation goes from passable to professional to perfect then this is the course for you. Understanding these basics will give you the skills to make fun and eye catching animation using nothing more than a single line.

This course is designed so you take one step at a time starting with spacing and easing then later moving on to the principles of drag and overlap. The final task will be hand drawing the legs of a walk cycle. The software used is Flash (now called Animate CC) but you can adapt these principles to any 2D animation software. The advantage with this animation workout is that it does not require drawing skills, if you can draw a line you can start animating straight away!

Who is the target audience? Beginner animators and hobbyists. No experience required.

Table of Contents

Introduction 00:22

Spacing 08:42

Spacing 1 question

Easing 05:27

Easing part 2 06:15

Easing 1 question

Pose to pose 08:31

Drag and overlap 18:24

Drag and Overlap 1 question

Squash and stretch 15:43

Squash and Stretch 1 question

Anticipation 06:43

Anticipation 1 question

The walk cycle Part 1 07:46

The walk cycle Part 2 10:13

Walk Cycle & Final Animation 1 question

Outro 00:15

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