Release date:2017, July 4

Author:Romain Chauliac

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

MM44 is my current personal project. The idea is to turn into 3D image a Benoit Godde concept. With this project I’ll try to improve my hard surface’s techniques and test new workflow/tools. I’ll record about all the creation process and share it with you.

Most of the recording was done during Livestream, so be sure to subscribe to my Twitch Channel to follow the progress in live!

Here it’s the first part : Concept and modeling the Mecha.

01. Head Blocking (English) 02. Blocking Part 1 (French) 02. Blocking Part 1(No Audio) 03. Blocking Part 2 (No Audio) 04. Cut with Spline (No Audio) 05. 3dsMax Spline Modeling (French) 05. 3dsMax Spline Modeling (No Audio) 06. Neck Piece Modeling (No Audio) 07. Methods for Seams Creation (French) 07. Methods for Seams Creation (No Audio) 08. Torso Bloking with Kitbash (No Audio) 09. Neck Piece Modeling (French) 09. Neck Piece Modeling (No Audio) 10. Neck Clothes Marvelous (No Audio) 11. Neck Piece Modeling (No Audio) 12. Head Bloking (No Audio) 13. Use of Scan Data (No Audio) 14. Head Hight Poly Part 1 (French) 14. Head Hight Poly Part 1 (No Audio) 15. Head Hight Poly Part 2 (No Audio) 16. Torso Hight Poly Part 1 (No Audio) 17. Torso Hight Poly Part 2 (French) 17. Torso Hight Poly Part 2 (No Audio) 18. Perform a Perfect Hole in Curvature Shape (No Audio) 19. Torso Pin (French) 19. Torso Pin (No Audio) 20. Concept with Scan Data (No Audio) 21. Torso Second Hole Part 1 (No Audio) 22. Torso Second Hole Part 2 (No Audio) 23. Neck Yellow Piece (No Audio) 24. Scan Mesh Material Masking (English) 25. Scan Mesh Material Masking Arnold Test (No Audio) 26. Shoulder Polishing Use of Defromer (No Audio) 27. Scan Adjustement with ZBrush (No Audio) 28. Shoulder Torso Joint Linking (No Audio) 29. Eye Detail Patern GE (No Audio)

Project Files.7z

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